AghaRTA jazz centrum New address since 29 September 2004:
Tel.: ++ 420 222 211 275
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live music daily 21 - 24
jazz club + bar daily 18 - 01

- Entrance fee: 200,- CZK (Kč)
- Booking via e-mail at least 24 hours prior to the concert (booking by phone is not possible). Please bring the printed confirmation of your booking with you and buy the tickets until 8 pm.
- A booking made by Ticketpro or Tickectstream company is hold only until 8:45 pm.
- Unfortunately, meal is not available in AghaRTA jazz club
AghaRTA Jazz Centrum
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Are you that kind of person whose head automatically turns when the ear gets hit by the sound of jazz? Do you always feel that your drink tastes more authentic or your partner's eyes look jazzier when a modern jazz groove is pulsing in the background? Are you fascinated by watching real flesh and blood musicians take off? Do you love to drown your nostalgia in 'jazz and cocktails' regularly? Or do you simply have no place to go tonight? Well - if the answer to at least one of these questions is YES, then we have a hot spot for you! Right in the heart of Prague, just 99 meters from Staromestske namesti (square) at 16 Zelezna, you'll find the AghaRTA jazz centrum. We are open daily from 7 p.m. through midnight. All that time you can either pick up something for your CD player from the large selection of jazz recordings in our record shop which never closes. Or you can taste the best Prague jazz coffee in AghaRTA bar. Later on it turns strictly into a cozy jazz den with live music, starting from 9 p.m. It's our one and only interest to see you leaving AghaRTA satisfied. We just want to make sure your visit here will by no means be your last one!

You can have a taste of AghaRTA Original Mix Drinks or choose from our complete List of Drinks.

live music: daily 21 - 24   jazz club & bar: daily 18 - 01

Jiri Stivin Live at AghaRTA Rhythm Desperados Live in AghaRTA Best of AghaRTA, Vol.I Best of AghaRTA, Vol.II the Very Best of AghaRTA Everybody Goes To AghaRTA T-shirtT-shirt

Nice presents (CDs, T-shirts) from AghaRTA jazz centrum are designed by Jiri Votruba.

The club, carrying on by 2HP Production (which is also the owner of ARTA Records and ARTA Music trademarks), is opened daily since 29 September 1991, the day following the death of one of the pioneers and innovators of modern jazz Miles Davis and named after his important album from the 1970s. You can visit the club any evening and listen to a concert performed by top Czech musicians.

AghaRTA also offers visitors the chance to make a selection from its comprehensive catalogue of CD jazz recordings by a number of international publishers including the largest Czech jazz label ARTA Records. The club's shop and bar are open daily until midnight.

Jazz activities of AghaRTA also include the annual AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival which has featured various distinguished artists, for example: The Brecker Brothers, Chick Corea, Candy Dulfer, Jan Garbarek, Diana Krall, Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Oregon, Maceo Parker, Courtney Pine, John Scofield, Wayne Shorter, Spyro Gyra, McCoy Tyner, Miroslav Vitous, Mark Whitfield, Yellow Jackets.


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