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MO 4/23 PETR KROUTIL & HIS BROTHERS smooth jazz, latin, pop audio video RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Petr Kroutil (saxophone, guitar, vocal), Ondřej Kabrna (piano), Vít Švec (acoustic bass), Imran Musa Zangi (percussions), Michal Hejna (drums)

The group was founded around charismatic frontman, actor, sax player and singer Petr Kroutil. The success of TV series he perform in allowed him to go to USA, where he studied at Berklee College of Music. Later he soaked up musical impulses in Nepal. Since 2011 Kroutil regularly plays in Agharta with great reactions. His concert programme is sparkling combination of swing, smooth jazz, rock, pop and reggae. The show offering not only good music but also inteligent and spontaneous humor is absolutely unique in Bohemia. You can be sure of that by listening to the new album “Just The Way I Am“.


František Uhlíř (acoustic bass), Andy Schofield (saxophone), Petr Beneš (piano), Jaromír Helešic (drums)

Our Team compiled in 1987 by double bassist Frantisek Uhlir, who belongs to a generation of bass players in the world known as the "Czech bass school". Chamber music groups F.U.T. is well-balanced and stems from the interaction of players who offer surprising possibilities to change the color and expression.


Robert Balzar (double bass), Jiří Levíček (piano), Jiří Slavíček (drums)

Robert Balzar is one of the most renowned Czech bassist. His Trio founded in 1996 has recorded six original albums. THe last one, "Discover Who We Are" was recorded in New York. 

TH 4/26 DAM\\\'NCO key,bass,quitar,drums video RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Damien Schmitt - drums; Michel Alibo - bass; Yann Negrit - guitar; Michaël Lecoq - piano/tastiere; Nicholas Vella - keyboards

Dam'nco is the new face of the French JAZZ POP scene. The compositions, which borrow from different musical styles, are directly inspired by the atmospheres of the neighborhoods of Paris where the members of the band live. Dam'nco is a perfect reflection of what 21st century French multiculturalism is all about. It's colorful music, that makes you want to sing and dance, punctuated with explosive improvisations. Dam'nco brings together six of the best French musicians of today, who play a definitely modern, forward-looking brand of jazz, with that very special little extra: the famous FRENCH TOUCH!

FR 4/27 VÍT ŠVEC TRIO modern jazz audio RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Jiří Růžička (piano), Vít Švec (acoustic bass), Jan Linhart (drums)

Vit Svec Trio founded in 2000 in Prague Mexican pianist Mark Aanderud. In 2002 replaced Mark Aanderud young Slovak pianist Matej Benko. Cooperation with Matej Benko peaked in May 2007 tour of Japan. In August 2007, Matej Benko is leaving the trio of pianist and instead of coming Jiri Ruzicka. Vit Svec Trio focuses on modern concepts of standards and his own compositions.


Ondřej Kabrna (keyboards), Kryštof Tomeček (guitar, bass), Lukáš Pavlík (drums)

The Ondřej Kabrna Trio, which was formed in January 2010, plays only original music, mostly Kabrna’s own compositions, something between jazz, fusion, and classical. The music is energetic, full of emotion and searches for new directions and sounds, like the music of the late Esbjörn Svensson. The unique sound of the group, heard on its new album Timeways, is in no small measure thanks to the musical performances of its members.

SU 4/29 NOČNÍ OPTIKA contemporary jazz audio RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Štěpán Zbytovský (fl), Miroslav Nosek (guit), Jakub Dvořáček (pno), Jan Keller (bg, vcl), Jan Dvořák (dr)

Noční Optika (Night Vision) is made up of musicians whose starting point is jazz and classical music. The originality of this band is testified to by their special sound. ‘The result is a kind of outskirts or suburbs of jazz mainstream, which flashes with the feverish pulse of the metropolis and blows with breezes over the darkening surfaces of forest ponds. The meditations of the neurotic and the frenzied flight of the stoic blend together here in a herbarium of forgotten creatures’. You can find out for yourself by listening to their three albums, Herbarium, Strojek z půdy (Machine from the Attic), and Astigma - all on the Arta label.

MO 4/30 JIŘÍ STIVÍN & CO. Jazz Quartet modern jazz audio RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Jiří Stivín -  fl, sax,  Jaroslav Šindler – quitar, Zdeněk Tichota – bass, Jiří Stivín Jr.  - drums

One of mosta famous jazz musicians Jiří Stivín is not necessary to introduce Everyone knows what can be expected from it. His performances have always had something original to always entertain the audience and let stand quality of their teammates, a longtime friend and guitarist Jaroslav Šindler , Zdenek Wimpy Tichota and son Jiří Sitvín jr. 


Michal Gera (trumpet, flugelhorn), Petr Zeman (guitar), Vítek Švec (acoustic bass), Jiří Stivin jr. (drums)

Michal Gera Band is a permanent fixture on the Czech jazz scene. In a changing cast group acts since 1981 successfully both at home and abroad. The characteristic sound of the band came from the combination of modern variants Post-Bebop Mainstream jazz with elements of blues, rock and Latin rhythms. The repertoire consists mainly of tunes by Michal Gera and jazz standards and offers opportunities to improvise for all band members.

WE 5/2 RHYTHM DESPERADOS funk latin jazz audio video RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Boris Urbánek (keyboards), Michal Žáček (saxophone), ZdeněkTichota (bass), Michal Hejna (drums), Imran Musa Zangi  (percussion)

The club programme would not be complete without an appearance by the Rhythm Desperados, who play a combination of jazz, Latin jazz, and funk. The energetic appearances of this Ostrava- and Prague-based group at the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum always makes for an extraordinary experience, not only for the club-goers but also for the musicians themselves. In addition to the considerable interest in their album Volcano, the band can boast a successful tour this year in Mexico and New York.

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