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After a three-month forced break, we open the club door. For the last two weeks of June, we have invited your favorite bands. We look forward to your visit and thank you for coming back to us.


Luboš Andršt – guitar, Vít Pospíšil – keyboards, Filip Benešovský – bass, Michal Hejna – drums

Although a distinctive figure of Czech jazz, Luboš Andršt is rightfully called the best local blues guitarist. He is also a superb composer. His harmonic compositions, unmistakeably his own, reflect Latin, jazz, and blues influences, and, in addition to the performances of the experienced members of the band, create the original sound of the Luboš Andršt Group. Evidence of that is also provided by the group’s latest album, Moment in Time (ARTA Records).

WE 6/17 RHYTHM DESPERADOS latin funk jazz audio video RESERVE | BUY TICKETS
TH 6/18 RHYTHM DESPERADOS latin funk jazz audio video RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Boris Urbánek  (keyboards), Michal Žáček  (saxophone  ), Wimpy Tichota (bass), Michal Hejna (drums), Imran Musa Zangi  (percussion)
The club programme would not be complete without an appearance by the Rhythm Desperados, who play a combination of jazz, Latin jazz, and funk. The energetic appearances of this Ostrava- and Prague-based group at the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum always makes for an extraordinary experience, not only for the club-goers but also for the musicians themselves. In addition to the considerable interest in their album Volcano, the band can boast a successful tour this year in Mexico and New York.

FR 6/19 AghaRTA BAND groove jazz audio video RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Adam Tvrdý (guitar), Ondųej Kabrna (piano), Vít Švec (bass ), Michal Hejna (drums)

As the name implies, this band can be heard only in AghaRTA club. The drummer and club manager Michal Hejna, regularly invites musicians with whom he likes to play. Especially sensitive and romantic pianist Ondųej Kabrna, bassist Vit Švec, and ultimately universal guitarist Adam Tvrdý. The repertoire reflects the musical tastes of all those involved, including their compositions. 


Emil Viklický (piano), Petr Dvorský (acoustic bass), Jiųí Stivín jr. (drums)

The pianist Emil Viklický is a musician whose projects and albums include a wide range of musicians and genres. In regulary club perforomnces he will present the most intimate part of his current work. Accompanied by his long-term collaborators Viklický will play compositions from his latest album Ballads and More (ARTA Records).

TU 6/23 JIŲĶ STIVĶN & CO. Jazz Quartet modern jazz audio RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Jiųí Stivín -  fl, sax,  Jaroslav Šindler – quitar, Zdenģk Tichota – bass, Jiųí Stivín Jr.  - drums

One of mosta famous jazz musicians Jiųí Stivín is not necessary to introduce Everyone knows what can be expected from it. His performances have always had something original to always entertain the audience and let stand quality of their teammates, a longtime friend and guitarist Jaroslav Šindler , Zdenek Wimpy Tichota and son Jiųí Sitvín jr. 

WE 6/24 CAPTAIN FINGERS fusion q ,keys , b, dr video RESERVE | BUY TICKETS

Viktor Jerman - guitar, Vít Pospíšil - keyboards, Vladimír Kliment - bass, Michal Hejna - drums, sometimes with guest Imran Musa Zangi - perc

In the eighties of the last century, many great recordings were made in Los Angeles, with guitarist Lee Ritenour and pianist Dave Grusin. The Lee Ritenour nickname gave the name of a group of musicians who some of them want to recall along with other evergreens of fusion jazz / LA sound /, very popular at the time. Especially thanks to the excellent performance of guitarist Viktor Jerman you will hear songs of the best performers such as Fourplay, Pat Metheny, Yellow Jackets, Larry Carlton, Jeff Lorber, Lyle Mays, Marcus Miller and others.

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