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April 22 , AghaRTA Jazz Centrum, 9 p.m.                                                 BUY TICKETS
SARA NIEMIETZ feat. Snuffy Walden

Sara Niemietz is known as the singer of Postmodern Jukebox (  Snuffy Walden is known as the guitarist from Eric Burden Band and Stray Dog, as well as his work with Emerson Lake and Palmer, Free, and his many soundtracks for film and t.v. ( – take a look at the list attached.
Sara Niemietz is a sonic storyteller. Influenced by the heart of jazz and the soul of blues, she writes songs with a modern edge.  Composer and guitar-virtuoso, W.G. Snuffy Walden, paints musical landscapes over which Sara’s powerful vocals take flight.  At their shows, the acoustic duo plays original music and reinterpreted classics for a night full of energy and music!   
"I Thought I Could Fly:"
"Taxi Outside":


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